Chasing Sunshine

Lazy Adventurer Publishing (March 2021)

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“… the greatest takeaway from Charles K. Carter’s Chasing Sunshine is that it does get better! Through pain, bitter nights and yearning, Carter writes his truth, a universal truth, that love is love in this world.” – A.R. Salandy, author of The Great Northern Journey

“…a triumphant voice, that inspires the reader, especially anyone struggling with their identity, as we all have…” – Richard Stuecker, author of The Uncertainty Principle


Kelsay Books (March 2021)

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“Charles K. Carter carves the weight of struggles through the words like rivers through rock. These poems are the inevitable canyons.” – Sam Jowett, author of Self

“Pulsing with love, loss, and hard-won joy, these poems are both ‘power and warning’: an exploration of what splinters us, and how we can rebuild.” – Gaia Rajan, author of Moth Funerals

Splinters offers a magnifying glass to examine how we interact with the world, and how the world interacts with us.” – Lynne Schmidt, author of Dead Dog Poems

Safety-Pinned Hearts

Alien Buddha Press (April 2021)

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“With economy and subtle beauty, Charles K. Carter captures the essence of the human experience packed into small moments of time.” – e.b. littlehill, author of See the Dragons

Salem Revisited

WordTech Editions (Dec. 2021)

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“Charles K. Carter’s Salem Revisited is a proud work of humanizing protest against homophobic and transphobic violence.” – David Blair, author of Ascension Days

“These poems unflinching music requires the reader to ask themselves, ‘In a millennia what/will those digging up these scarred/ remains think of us?’ and force them to deal with their answers.” – Andrea England, author of Other Geographies

“In Salem Revisited, Charles K. Carter takes on the troubling parallels between historical events and current culture. These poems are unapologetic and raw. They reach out and grab you, and they won’t let go.” – Gwen Hart, author of Lost and Found

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