COMING SOON!Resurrection Magazine – “Under the Sea” “The A-to-Z’s of Losing You” “One Last Polka”

COMING SOON! The Hellebore – “Inventory”

Beyond Queer Words 2021 (Anthology by Beyond Words Magazine) DIGITAL | PRINT – “The Art of Leaving”

Sledgehammer Literary Journal – “Caught”

Harpy Hybrid Review – “The Singer” “The Creators”

Wine Cellar Press – “Swallowed”

Paddler Press – “After All This Pressure”

Fevers of the Mind 5: Overcome DIGITAL | PRINT – “Birthright” “Sunflower Meditations”

Fahmidan Journal – “Hate Crime”

Ink Pantry – “French Fries” “Read My Lips” “Shower Drain Lovers” “Searching” “Geppetto”

The Raven Review – “Wolf”

Nymphs – “Fire”

Minute Magazine – “Scorpion”

Idle Ink – “Sister”

Dodging the Rain – “When I Dream of the Ocean” “Tribe” “Father”

Prismatica Magazine – “Chameleon Woman” “Jenga” “The Sun”

Ink Pantry – “Irene” “Splinters” “Garden of the Gods”

Marías at Sampaguitas – “Wind”

The Mark Literary Review – “Earth”

Active Muse – “Mother”

Anti-Heroin Chic – “Werewolf Mask” “The Bones of a Dancer” “Chasing Sunshine” “There are Two Types of Gay Characters in Blockbuster Movies”

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