Safety-Pinned Hearts

Safety-Pinned Hearts (Alien Buddha Press)

Carter’s Third Chapbook

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Safety-Pinned Hearts is a short collection of haikus that meditate on heartbreak in its various forms. Charles K. Carter’s poems are married with illustrations by Brandon Carter.

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Advanced Praise

“With economy and subtle beauty, Charles K. Carter captures the essence of the human experience packed into small moments of time. His astute observations, such as dancing one last polka with someone who has wrinkled hands, illuminate the impermanence of life, celebratory events, and love itself. Indeed, his haiku on the ebb and flow of love and the emotional roadblocks to being truly free to give and receive pure love, drives this exquisite collection. From resting in the morning light with his lover’s head on his chest, to finding solace from a broken heart in shots of whiskey, Safety-Pinned Hearts leads the reader on an adventure overflowing with recognition that this is how love, and life, is for most of us. Brandon Carter’s illustrations add an extra dose of poignancy to clarity found in Charles’s haiku.” – e.b. littlehill, author of See the Dragons

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